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Through the following resources, you will find a wealth of information that will be useful in finding the desired safety devices needed for your child/individual on the Autism Spectrum


Alert Me Bands
Alert Me Bands are the simple solution that not only communicates who to call in an emergency but also communicates and creates awareness for medical/special needs and allergy indications. The bands are adjustable and are the only solution available to date that are impossible for children to remove on their own! Because our ASD kiddos are even more at risk for wandering they especially need to be wearing these at all times! We tag our pets and our luggage with our contact information, shouldn’t we be doing the same for our children?


Angelsense provides a GPS and voice monitoring solution to keep children with special needs safe and well cared-for.  The solution includes a wearable GPS device – designed to address sensory issues and a friendly app based on smart analytics. Parents use this product to oversee their children daily routine in real time, listen in to make sure they are treated well, get alerts for location changes, locate lost child with live updates, and view pictures of visited locations. The AngelSense customer care team augmentin members are all parents to children with special needs who are active users of the product.


Autism ID Card
The Autism ID Card helps people on the autism spectrum explain their medical condition to police, EMTs, and other first responders in the event of an emergency. Created by SEO Pittsburgh, in collaboration with the Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender.


Care Trak
The Original Law Enforcement Rescue Program that electronically tracks people with Alzheimer’s who wander and special needs kids. Sheriffs, Police, Fire Departments, SAR Teams, etc. use Care Trak to quickly locate at risk individuals.


ICE4Autism is the ONLY autism-specific in case of emergency (ICE) mobile app. It easily stores vital information about an autistic person’s unique and individual needs directly on their iPhone or iPad making the very information first responders and ER personnel need to interact with and treat the person properly, immediately accessible. Among other features, ICE4Autism also includes an “alert my emergency contacts” feature which sends an emergency alert text message to the user’s emergency contacts.